I pretty much made my living from show business until the age of 51, but then I migrated to Cardiff, where the circus was based, and couldn't find enough freelance work to sustain me, especially through the winter.  So I took a little job (my first proper job!) in the local library, and stayed for 16 years.  I moved from serving the public with books, etc - to working on the staff computers. In 1999, we began to offer public access to internet, so I took that on, training staff and public, learning as I went along.  You can see me above in our free cybercafe.

After the Council let me go (downsizing libraries) I was lucky enough to be offered a job compiling an archive of 30 years of NoFit State Circus - my experience as a researcher and library worker, and my involvement with the circus since the early days, scored in my favour.  We were funded by the Heritage Lottery Scheme (the only way to win from the lottery, in my eyes).  We had a year.  A team of volunteers.  A lot of hard work.  

You can see the result here.  Something like this is never complete, but there is a lot of stuff there, including videos of shows, etc,, for anyone who cares to browse.  Enjoy!

A short video of the process was made by the very talented Paddy Faulkner, which you can see below.  See more of his output of short films, still photographs, etc at Panopticphotography.