In addition to building a (now defunct) website, I ran a variety of blogs - some for experiment, some as a diary and notebook, some as a resource where I could store interesting links to other places online, etc.  Most of them are interlinked.  I have added a few here, for your amusement.

Language 'is' a Virus   (2001 - 2015)    A general diary blog

Right...Well...      links and jottings for writing projects

Only Maybe         a joint project with other students from the Maybe Logic Academy, studying with Robert Anton Wilson, before his untimely death.

I have always enjoyed writing, but never took it very seriously.  As my work for the library had become figuring out the internet, I joined NaNoWriMo, a personal challenge to write a novella in one month.  On top of achieving that, I decided to manifest that (not very good) book in the real world, by figuring out print-on-demand, using Lulu.  I asked a friend to make me a cover, and here I am with a finished copy of Foolproof!
I since completed half a dozen books that way, although I have not taken on the more important task of revising, and re-writing (one day, one day).  I may do it again, one day, and still have a profile, but right now I am working on an autobiography, and not fiction.

As part of turning digital text into paperback, I made and uploaded texts by an old friend, and one by my mother, as well as various of my own. Bear in mind these were all experiments in internet use, to assist library users.  I used a variety of sizes, and types of book (spiral bound, small paperback, etc).  You can see the results in my Lulu showcase page, but don't say I didn't warn you that most of mine are unpolished texts.    Toby's Lulu Spotlight.